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Isolation From Media

Lord Please Save Me From Their Evils

Living in a city, I consider myself to be pretty in touch with politics and world events. I may not know who’s the father of Britney’s new baby, but often I do know who’s bombing who and how many super delegates Hillary needs to win the democratic nomination. NPR is the radio station most frequently listened to in my car, and no, it’s not for the classical music session. BBC World News is also checked regularly thanks to instant updating bookmarks. Cable News is even turned on here and there; at least when the breaking story isn’t about what Britney is wearing, or that Indiana hasn’t reported all of their votes yet.

But out here, I know of nothing. And it is GREAT. Silence comes at no better time then the Obama/Clinton super delegate debate. Actually, since a month has gone by, there are good chances that the debate is finally over – not that it matters, I think the winner has been known for quite some time now. I’m out of touch. I don’t know if any wars have come or gone, places flooded or on fire, I don’t know if Burma finally gave aid to the cyclone victims, or more importantly, I don’t know what’s under my bed that might bite nor do I know about the “silent killer” in my kitchen that I need to wait to 11 O’clock to find out about.

Isolation from the media is as great as the sights I’ve traveled so far to see. I’m sure readers reading this know the current events but please note, I’m not asking to be filled in. I have all the current events I need with me. I know where I am, where I’ve been, and an idea of where I’m going. I know enough about the weather of tomorrow based on the weather of today. This is all I need to survive; no events that I hear on the news will alter my journey. The world can wait. Obama and Clinton, you two most certainly can wait. Let me just disconnect for a bit, the world doesn’t need to spin so fast.

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