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About the Photographer

Marc Severo

Photograph by Kelly Mercer

Photography started off as a hobby that dates back to very young years. When I started college though, I really started to get involved. I (permanently) borrowed an SLR film camera and started seeing things in a whole new light. I quickly switched to slide film and tried to absorb as much as I could.

Since then digital medium has become more available and while I occasionally still shoot slide, I now almost exclusively shoot digital. I now have a full arsenal of professional grade equipment. While I do make use of ditigal post-processing techniques, I do keep these at a minimal.

I currently reside in Richmond, Virginia. My photos are memories of places and experiences I have had all across North America. I've documented some of my opportunities and experiences traveling in some of the remote wildernesses in North America. The photos that I bring to you here are some of my favorites that I've taken over the years.

I consider photography to be more of a passion of mine. It is not my profession; I do not rely on photography to pay the bills. This allows me to shoot what I enjoy and I never feel like I need to hold back in anything I do. I bring these photos public so that maybe you too will enjoy them.